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David McCullough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the bridge nears completion, how do young trustees feel about Roebling?
(a) They find him annoying.
(b) They don't know who he is.
(c) They are apathetic to him.
(d) They imagine him as a god-like figure.

2. After the New York caisson is filled, how many weeks of vacation does Roebling take from the bridge project?
(a) Roebling doesn't take a vacation.
(b) Six weeks.
(c) Two weeks.
(d) Four weeks.

3. When the cable car successfully travels from Brooklyn to Manhattan, what do the newspapers dub the journey?
(a) The Perfect Pandemonium.
(b) The Perfect Project.
(c) The Perfect Promise.
(d) The Perfect Passage.

4. Which of Roebling's strange behaviors lead trustees to question his mental capabilities?
(a) He dreses in women's clothing.
(b) He drinks heavily.
(c) He laughs through newspaper interviews.
(d) He refuses to show up for meetings.

5. Where does the Roebling family rent a cottage to get away from the stress of the Brooklyn Bridge?
(a) Nantucket.
(b) Newport.
(c) Nice.
(d) Naples.

Short Answer Questions

1. What false rumor regarding Roebling is spread through New York papers during his time in Trenton?

2. How many tons of wire are needed to suspend the Brooklyn Bridge?

3. What does "The Heroic Mode" promise to cure?

4. How many companies bid for the lucrative wire contract?

5. Which of the following is another name for "The Bends?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens during the "rope fall" of 1878?

2. What problem do local reporters have with the temporary footbridge put into place for workers who are "spinning" up the bridge?

3. How do the crowds react to the first wires being suspended from the Brooklyn Bridge?

4. What happens when Low takes Roebling to court for management power?

5. How does New York City react to Roebling's request for an additional $600,000 to strengthen the bridge's trusses?

6. How did Roebling celebrate his accomplishments after all his guests left his home?

7. How does Washington resign from office, and what is his life like after his resignation?

8. What happens on Thanksgiving day during the time the wires are being strung up?

9. What argument do Roebling and Hewitt find themselves in over the wire contract?

10. What symptoms of the Bends does Dr. Smith encounter during his research of the disease?

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