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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of the following commuters, which has to pay the lowest bridge toll?
(a) Automobiles.
(b) Sheep and hog drivers.
(c) Pedestrians.
(d) Horse drivers.

2. How long does Roebling spend in Trenton at the advice of his doctors?
(a) 3 years.
(b) 3 months.
(c) 3 weeks.
(d) 3 days.

3. What is the nickname of New York Mayor John Kelly?
(a) "Kind John."
(b) "Crazy John."
(c) "Honest John."
(d) "Wild John."

4. After the New York caisson is filled, how many weeks of vacation does Roebling take from the bridge project?
(a) Roebling doesn't take a vacation.
(b) Six weeks.
(c) Two weeks.
(d) Four weeks.

5. While on strike, how much do the workers demand for a four-hour shift, to return to work?
(a) $3.00.
(b) $7.00.
(c) $9.00.
(d) $5.00.

6. How much deeper are the caissons on the Manhattan side of the bridge than on the Brooklyn side?
(a) Four times as deep.
(b) They are the same depth.
(c) Twice as deep.
(d) Three times as deep.

7. How old is the Long Island boy who volunteers to be the first person to cross the bridge?
(a) 8.
(b) 12.
(c) 4.
(d) 15.

8. During what month of the year is the first cable car sent across the East River?
(a) November.
(b) February.
(c) May.
(d) August.

9. Who is Seth Low?
(a) Brooklyn Governor.
(b) Brooklyn Mayor.
(c) New York Governor.
(d) New York Mayor.

10. Which of the following characters does NOT give a speech at the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge?
(a) Kinsley.
(b) Roebling.
(c) Low.
(d) Edson.

11. Which of the following is NOT a weather that slows down the spinning process on the bridge?
(a) Fog.
(b) Wind.
(c) Snow.
(d) Rain.

12. Which newspaper coins the term "The Gigantic Spinning Machine?"
(a) The Herald.
(b) The Tribune.
(c) The Times.
(d) The Eagle.

13. What part of the Brooklyn Bridge does Hildebrand design?
(a) The caissons.
(b) The archway.
(c) The footbridge.
(d) The towers.

14. Why does Henry Beers attempt to shut down production on the Brooklyn Bridge?
(a) He says the public is no longer interested in it.
(b) He says it is an eyesore.
(c) He says it is too dangerous.
(d) He says it is a waste of money.

15. What is the name of the day people celebrated the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge?
(a) "Bridge Day."
(b) "Roebling's Day."
(c) "The Day of the Great Bridge."
(d) "The People's Day."

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is another name for "The Bends?"

2. Which system does Smith claim is most affected by the bends?

3. Which of the following is NOT a color used in the decoration scheme for the bridge's celebration?

4. On the day of its opening, at what time is the Brooklyn Bridge illuminated?

5. In total, how much does the Brooklyn Bridge cost to build?

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