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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does "The Genuine Language of America" dub the "heroes of the Age of Progress?"
(a) Chemists.
(b) Engineers.
(c) Physicists.
(d) Construction workers.

2. Which of the following descriptions best describes Brooklyn Mayor, Martin Kalbfleisch?
(a) Painfully shy and wire thin.
(b) Foul mouthed and hard drinking.
(c) Tyranically conservative.
(d) Sweet tempered and morbidly obese.

3. In which decade is the novel "The Great Bridge" set?
(a) The 1920s.
(b) The 1960s.
(c) The 1830s.
(d) The 1870s.

4. Which of the following newspapers does NOT print a scandalous article about Tweed in their pages?
(a) The Tribune.
(b) The Herald.
(c) The Eagle.
(d) The Times.

5. What is the name of the park that commemorates the inception of the Brooklyn Bridge plan?
(a) Squirrel Nest Park.
(b) Owl Head Park.
(c) Deer Valley Park.
(d) Turtle Crossing Park.

6. Which of the following is NOT a name Roebling's project carries at some point during its process?
(a) The New York Project.
(b) The Spectacular Project.
(c) The Empire Project.
(d) The Roebling Project.

7. How long is the bridge Roebling builds across the Niagara Falls?
(a) 800 feet.
(b) 1,200 feet.
(c) 1,700 feet.
(d) 500 feet.

8. Which of the following names is NOT one of the engineers who attempts to build a bridge in this chapter?
(a) James Phancton.
(b) Samuel Keefer.
(c) Thomas Telford
(d) Edward Serrell.

9. Which of the following is NOT the name of one of John Roebling's sons?
(a) Charles.
(b) Ferdinand.
(c) Edmund.
(d) Gregory.

10. What does John set out to do when he moves to America?
(a) Be an astronomer.
(b) Be a teacher.
(c) Be an engineer.
(d) Be a farmer.

11. Which river in Pennsylvania does John famously carry the canal across?
(a) The Allegheney River.
(b) The Vaugn River.
(c) The Ohio River.
(d) The Monongahela River

12. Which of the following famous people is NOT mentioned as having left the West for fame and fortune in the East?
(a) Mark Twain.
(b) Benjamin Franklin.
(c) Thomas Edison.
(d) Andrew Carnegie.

13. What is Roebling rubbed down with to return his circulation?
(a) Salt and Whiskey.
(b) Hemp and Cloves.
(c) Tea and Butter.
(d) Sugar and Lime.

14. How many gallons of water are used to extinguish the fire in the caisson?
(a) 13,000 gallons.
(b) 1.3 million gallons.
(c) 130 gallons.
(d) 130,000 gallons.

15. Who do the newspapers blame for the fire that spreads through the caisson?
(a) The ferry workers.
(b) Tweed.
(c) Washington.
(d) The dangerous elements.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Colonel Washington related to John A. Roebling?

2. Which political party does Tweed align himself with in the novel?

3. What staggering amount of money has John Roebling earned at the time his wife dies in 1864?

4. Which of the following metals does Roebling call "the metal of the future?"

5. What does Thomas Pope call the bridge that would one day join Manhattan to Brooklyn?

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