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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the affliction Roebling's workers suffer from after traveling deep into the water?
(a) Panic attacks.
(b) The bends.
(c) Asphyxiation.
(d) Black lung.

2. Which of the following is NOT something increased in bridges by the use of stays?
(a) Stability.
(b) Versitility.
(c) Strength.
(d) Incline.

3. What are the New York aldermen nicknamed in the 1850s?
(a) The "Forty Theives."
(b) The "Band of Horsemen."
(c) The "Golden Parachutes."
(d) The "Flying Dutchmen."

4. Who do the newspapers blame for the fire that spreads through the caisson?
(a) The dangerous elements.
(b) Tweed.
(c) The ferry workers.
(d) Washington.

5. What staggering amount of money has John Roebling earned at the time his wife dies in 1864?
(a) $1 million.
(b) $10,000
(c) $10 million.
(d) $100,000

6. Which magazine publishes Roebling's thoughts about the East River?
(a) The Cincinnati Times.
(b) The New York Tribune.
(c) The Washington Post.
(d) The Wall Street Journal.

7. How does "The Genuine Language of America" feel about on the job casualties?
(a) That they are avoidable.
(b) That they are too frequent.
(c) That they do not exist.
(d) That they are inevitable.

8. What type of business does John Roebling start from scratch?
(a) A steel business.
(b) A wood business.
(c) A glass business.
(d) A wire business.

9. How does Murphy feel about his old school-mate Tweed?
(a) He loathes him.
(b) He respects him.
(c) He is apathetic to him.
(d) He does not remember him.

10. In what month of the year does Roebling's caisson finally slide into the water?
(a) May.
(b) November.
(c) August.
(d) February.

11. Which of the following newspapers does NOT print a scandalous article about Tweed in their pages?
(a) The Tribune.
(b) The Herald.
(c) The Eagle.
(d) The Times.

12. Which of the following is NOT a term used to describe John Roebling by his fellow townsfolk?
(a) A hero.
(b) An inventor.
(c) A free-thinker.
(d) An artist.

13. In which decade is the novel "The Great Bridge" set?
(a) The 1830s.
(b) The 1960s.
(c) The 1920s.
(d) The 1870s.

14. Which of the following is NOT one of the titles given to John Roeblings by the business community after his death?
(a) Perfectionist.
(b) Philanthropist.
(c) Aristocrat.
(d) Intellectual.

15. Which of the following sea creatures is a cause of major concern for Washington during bridge construction?
(a) Sea worms.
(b) Minnows.
(c) Barnacles.
(d) Crawfish.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a project John works on before starting to build bridges?

2. In which city is "The Biggest Bridge in the World" constructed?

3. How does John react to the news that his wife, Johanna, has passed away?

4. How does the public react to the working conditions Roebling's men endure in the caissons?

5. Which of the following is a nickname for Brooklyn?

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