Objects & Places from The Great Bridge

David McCullough
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Allegheny River Bridge

This is John A. Roebling's first bridge and great showpiece, one of the handsomest structures in America. It is completed in 1860, 11 years after his first aqueduct project in Pittsburgh. PA.

New York Bridge Company

This is a private business, chartered by the New York Assembly in 1867, which calls for spanning the East River by 1879, and operating it thereafter.

Niagara Falls Bridge

This is Roebling's masterpiece, and spans the great gorge precedes the Cincinnati and Allegheny bridges, but is saved for last on the Bridge Tour because of its grandeur.

Ohio River Bridge

This is John A. Roebling's graceful arc across the a river between two states, and is close in every way to the Great Bridge, but smaller.

Pneumatic Caissons

This refers to the use of compressed air to maintain buoyancy against the weight of the enormous structures.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

This is America's...

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