Daily Lessons for Teaching The Great Bridge

David McCullough
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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Chapter 1)


Part 1, Chapter 1

RUMORS - In this chapter, Roebling must fight off numerous rumors that the bridge is not capable of being built, and that he himself is not capable of such a vast undertaking. The objective of this lesson is for students to explore the rumors being spread in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, and to discuss whether or not any of these rumors have validity.


1.) As a class, create a list of rumors that are being spread about Roebling's project and his ability to manage it. Is there validity to any of these rumors? If so, which ones?

2.) As a class, compare / contrast the rumors that are being spread about Roebling in Brooklyn with the rumors that are being spread in Manhattan. What is the same about these rumors? What is different? Is there anything unexpected / surprising in this comparison?

3.) Based on the information presented...

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