The Great Bridge Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

David McCullough
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Essay Topic 1

Roebling overcame a difficult childhood in order to find himself as a successful engineer in America. Describe the childhood Roebling grew up in, and what his aspirations were as a child. Then, briefly explain how Roebling found himself in America, and under what circumstances he became an engineer.

Essay Topic 2

Roebling's relationship with Johanne was one that went through many phases during their time together. Create a time line of events that were important in Roebling's relationship with his wife. Then, explain how Johanne's death altered the way Roebling viewed the world, and his career.

Essay Topic 3

Roebling did not always have such a strong relationship with his son Washington as he did when the two were working together. Explain what Roebling's relationship with Washington was like when Washington was a boy, and what events led to the change in relationship between father and son. Then...

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