The Great Bridge Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

David McCullough
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Part 1, Chapter 1

• The book opens with John A. Roebling discussing his major plans for the engineering of a bridge that will join Manhattan and Brooklyn. Both cities are delighted at this possibility.

• Brooklyn hopes that it will be named the new "biggest city in the world" once Manhattan is full of people, and Manhattan views the connection as an opportunity to expand and stop overcrowding.

• Many other engineers offer solutions to various problems that arise during the blueprint phase of production, and Roebling fends off many rumors which suggest the bridge will never be built.

Part 1, Chapter 2

• The second chapter gives the reader further insight into Roebling's character. At the time of the bridge building, he is 63-years-old, with seven children, two of which died, along with his wife.

• Roebling has lived a long life, which he credits to taking scalding and freezing baths, and through drinking tons...

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