The Graveyard Book Character Descriptions

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Nobody Owens

This character comes to live in the cemetery when his family is murdered.

Jacks Frost

This character is killed when he lies about being the master of a treasure.


This character moves to Scotland when her parents get divorced.

Mr. Owens

This character was not blessed with children in his lifetime and is hesitant to take care of a living child while a ghost.

Mrs. Owens

This character promises a newly deceased mother that she will care for her living child.

Liza Hempstock

This character’s is a witch whose main wish is to have a real head stone.


This character is the caretaker of the graveyard.

Miss Lupescu

This character is a werewolf.

The Sleer

This character is the guardian of a mysterious treasure.

The Jacks’ of All Trades

These characters comes to London when a colleague fails in his job.

The Lady on the Grey

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