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The Bank

This human-less entity is nonetheless referred to as a monster that drives the country, the farms, and the workers. This "monster" is given the greatest blame for the plight of the migrants and the farms of the country.


This name refers to many encampments across California. The Joads first encounter one of these dilapidated camps in Bakersfield, California, but they only stay a short time.

Weedpatch Camp

This setting is a government-operated location where migrant workers can stay south of Bakersfield. The Joads stay here for a month but faced with a lack of work, they are forced to move on.

Highway 66

This main route of travel from the Mississippi River to Bakersfield California is the road that the Joads follow as they head west.

Apple Box

This container is used to hold Rose of Sharon's stillborn child. Uncle John later pushes it into the...

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