The Grapes of Wrath Character Descriptions

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Tom Joad

This character is the main protagonist in The Grapes of Wrath. He is introduced in Chapter 2 as he makes his way home to a farmstead outside of Sallisaw, Oklahoma, from McAlister prison. When he arrives, he finds his family's home abandoned and eventually joins them as they make their way west to California.

Jim Casy

This character is a former reverend who has since abandoned preaching because he no longer feels he has the spirit in him. He joins the main family on their journey west and later becomes a union organizer staging pickets among the migrant workers.

Al Joad

This character is a teenage boy and the younger brother of the protagonist. He ends up marrying the daughter of the family that lives next-door to them in a boxcar by a cotton ranch.

Rose of Sharon

This character is the eldest daughter of the main family...

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