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Barbara Park
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11 and 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What bothered Skelly the most about James and Jake?
(a) They were always goofing around and never got work done.
(b) All they talked about was cars and girls.
(c) They were always fighting.
(d) They were too into their looks.

2. What job had Skelly always had?
(a) He was a house painter.
(b) He was a teacher.
(c) He was an accountant.
(d) He was a doctor.

3. How did James react when he saw what the cops found in the park?
(a) He mouthed a silent cuss word.
(b) He couldn't take his eyes off it.
(c) He cried.
(d) He put it on his head declaring that he wouldn't take it off until Skelly was found.

4. What did Skelly do with the flower seeds he was given to cheer him up?
(a) He started an indoor garden.
(b) He dumped them in the trash.
(c) He ate them.
(d) He fed them to the dog.

5. How did Jake react a year before when Skelly kept asking him what the Cheerios were?
(a) He yelled at Skelly.
(b) He thought it was funny.
(c) He though Skelly was joking.
(d) He got annoyed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why wouldn't Skelly get in the cab?

2. What happened when Jake was about to give his book report?

3. Where was Mrs. Russell taking Skelly the morning Jake had to give his report?

4. What does James accuse the cab driver of?

5. What did Mrs. Russell do while Skelly was gone?

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