Objects & Places from The Graduation of Jake Moon

Barbara Park
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Alzheimer's Disease

This is a medical condition in which important functions of the brain break down and eventually cease. The process begins slowly with loss of memory, and eventually progresses to loss of physiological function and death.

Skelly's House

This is where Jake and his single mom live, having been invited to move in shortly after Jake is born.

The Toy Car

Relatively early in his illness, Skelly discovers this and returns it to Jake.

The Dumpster

In the first chapter, Jake watches as two friends taunt Skelly as he stands on the edge of this and eventually climbs into it.

Wood Crafting

This is one of the common experiences that Skelly and Jake had shared during Jake's childhood.

The Cans of Paint

After Skelly is taken out of the dumpster by Mrs. Russell, Jake discovers that it contains these, which he believes are what triggered Skelly to...

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