The Graduation of Jake Moon Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Barbara Park
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Essay Topic 1

Explain the term "flashback." Describe how the author used a flashback to introduce the reader to Skelly and Jake.

Essay Topic 2

The title of the first chapter is "The Twist." Explain why this was the title and what twists occurred in the first chapter.

Essay Topic 3

The author puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of a name. Using examples from the book, describe what Jake's name meant to him, how Skelly got his name, and how Skelly changed a young boy's life by giving him a strong nickname.

Essay Topic 4

Describe Skelly's character in great detail as he was before Alzheimer's hit him.

Essay Topic 5

How does Jake see the stages of Alzheimer's? Describe Skelly's progression through the stages, backing up each stage with specifics from the book.

Essay Topic 6

Describe the inner conflict Jake struggles with as he remembers the old Skelly yet...

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