The Gospel According to Larry Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Janet Tashjian
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A Note To The Reader

• In the supermarket, Janet Tashjian is handed the manuscript of the current book; a boy hands it to her and runs away.
• Tashjian gets in touch with the boy, who supplies her with photographs for the book.
• Researching into the boy's life, Tashjian finds him credible and genuine.
• By the time Tashjian has the book ready for publication, the boy has disappeared again.

Part 1

• Josh is best friends with Beth, but he can't get her to see him romantically.
• Beth asks Josh for help with starting a fan club based on a website called, which contains rants about modern culture.
• Peter, Josh's father, disapproves of the website, but Josh uses it as a way to communicate with Beth and rebel against his stepfather.
• When Josh wants to be in touch with his dead mother, he goes to Bloomingdale's, and speaks to...

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