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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Dr. Drude teach his high school students in Hamburg about the Nazis?

2. According to Tommy Corcoran, how did Germany support their propaganda machine?

3. Who does Bill Mauldin think was the only nice guy among the WWII generals?

4. Why does Walter Rosenblum believe war photographers were privileged?

5. According to Lee Oremont, why did people splurge on food and liquor during the war?

Short Essay Questions

1. What made Sheril Cunning sad about John Wayne war movies?

2. Why does Jacques Raboud believe it will be difficult for his generation to erase hatred?

3. According to Lowell Steward, what was the status of the black Tuskegee flying squadron?

4. According to John Kenneth Galbraith, what was ironic about the consumption of consumer goods during the war?

5. What does Sheril Cunning say communal spirit was like during the war?

6. What does George Oremont say was required to make money during the war?

7. Why was Eddie Slovik famous?

8. How did Galatea Berger say the Third Reich was recorded in her school history classes?

9. Why did the FBI suspect the cartoonist, Milton Caniff?

10. What was George Page's strategy for making money on rentals during the war?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Those who volunteered to involve themselves in the war against the fascist dictator in Spain, Franco, were designated PAFs - premature anti-fascists - by the war department and designated as unfit for active duty. If fascism is evil, is it possible to fight it prematurely? What do the PAFs believe would have been the result for the world if Franco had been defeated? In your essay, give your opinion about the PAFs and support your opinion with data from the text.

Essay Topic 2

"It was easy not to know," said one reporter. Participants on both sides of the conflict claimed ignorance of events, policies and plans. Cite examples of deliberate or programmed ignorance and discuss why such ignorance was possible or necessary.

Essay Topic 3

There is a lot of discussion of racism, the process of judging individuals by race, in this collection of memories. Write about racist attitudes you read about toward one ethnic group: Jews, blacks, Germans, Russians or Japanese. Explain the factors that led to racist opinions toward people of the group you chose.

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