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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did thieves among army personnel fool the MPs?
(a) The thieves would hide equipment and go back for it later.
(b) The thieves would sell equipment and claim it was stolen.
(c) The thieves would over-report their battle losses.
(d) The thieves would pretend they lost equipment.

2. Why does Walter Rosenblum believe war photographers were privileged?
(a) They were popular.
(b) They had a front row seat for history.
(c) They had access to army rations.
(d) They could live off base.

3. What two ethnic groups does Charlie Miller believe have a "natural hatred" for each other?
(a) Russians and Americans.
(b) Germans and Japanese.
(c) Russians and Germans.
(d) Americans and Japanese.

4. Why was Hans Goebler thankful that the Americans took their submarine prisoner?
(a) Ninety-seven percent of German submarines did not survive.
(b) He was a believer in democracy.
(c) He was wounded.
(d) He was opposed to the war.

5. Why didn't Henry Hatfield want to broadcast the destruction done to German cities?
(a) He was heartsick at the ruins he observed.
(b) He thought other stories were more compelling.
(c) He thought Germany was old news.
(d) He didn't think Americans wanted to gloat.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Lee Oremont, what effect did price controls during the war have on the economy?

2. According to Alfred Duckett, what bothered black soldiers most?

3. What did the French army do instead of censoring mail?

4. According to James Rowe, when do Democrats become Republicans?

5. What was a Victory Garden?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Werner Burckhardt believe offers hope for the future of mankind?

2. According to Yasuko Dower, what was different about American customs that she observed when the country was occupied by U.S. troops?

3. What was the result of Joseph Small's mutiny trial?

4. What does Hans Gobeler believe is the greatest danger to the future of the world?

5. How did Lowell Steward say the war affected the status of blacks in the United States?

6. Why did the FBI suspect the cartoonist, Milton Caniff?

7. What made Sheril Cunning sad about John Wayne war movies?

8. How did Ray Wax feel about his participation in the war?

9. According to John Houseman, why was it important for the Office of War Information to broadcast defeats as well as victories?

10. According to Lowell Steward, what was the status of the black Tuskegee flying squadron?

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