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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Rosie, Neighborhood Boys, and Reflections on Machismo.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does film critic Pauline Kael feel about the World War II movies?
(a) They were harshly realistic.
(b) They were beautiful.
(c) They were propaganda.
(d) They were a great support to the public.

2. How did the people of Pasadena react to the sight of wounded veterans?
(a) With parades in their honor.
(b) With requests to keep them off the streets.
(c) With visits to the VA hospitals.
(d) With gifts and offers of help.

3. Why were people in San Francisco panicked after Pearl Harbor, according to Dennis Keegan?
(a) They believed the government would draft all young men.
(b) They believed Japanese spies had infiltrated the city.
(c) They believed the Germans would attack them next.
(d) They believed the Japanese would attack them next.

4. What did Paul Pisicano believe Italian Americans felt about the Axis countries in World War II?
(a) Italian Americans were against Hitler and the Japanese, but not the Italians.
(b) Italian Americans were neutral about the war.
(c) Italian Americans were ashamed of Mussolini.
(d) Italian Americans wanted to fight on Italian soil.

5. What causes the disease of beriberi, that stops kidney function?
(a) Lack of potassium.
(b) Lack of Vitamin B1.
(c) Lack of protein.
(d) Lack of Vitamin C.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Robert Rasmus think when he saw the ambulances arriving on the morning his group was attacking?

2. Why were American soldiers anxious to get points for earning medals?

3. What did the Japanese code of war, Bushido, mean?

4. What did Betty Hutchinson say WWII veterans told their children about the war?

5. Why were civilians saving fat during the war?

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