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Short Answer Questions

1. After Captain Edward Ashburnham's romantic attachment to the woman he met during his reunion with the military , he and his wife go to which of the following places:

2. What is the name of the courtesan who Captain Edward Ashburnham becomes obsessed with in Monte Carlo?

3. The husband featured in the newspaper article Nacy Rufford reads is accused of being in love with which of the following women:

4. In Monte Carlo, why does Captain Edward Ashburnham buy an expensive gift for a courtesan?

5. How many days before the death of Florence Dowell does John Hurlbird die?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does John Dowell dislike Rodney Bayham?

2. Of all the characters presented thus far in the book, who is the most right-minded?

3. Is Leonora Ashburnham a sympathetic character?

4. Do you think the Ashburnhams have ever consummated their marriage?

5. John Dowell describes Nancy Rufford as a young and exuberant Catholic school girl. Is Nancy as pious and righteous as her religious upbringing might suggest?

6. Describe the fight that takes place in Part 4, Chapter 2, between Leonora Ashburnham, Nancy Rufford, and Captain Edward Ashburnham?

7. Does Leonora Ashburnham approve of the affair between Captain Edward Ashburnham and Maisie Maidan?

8. Do you agree with John Dowell when he says that Captain Edward Ashburnham does not feel remorse?

9. In Part 4, Chapter 1, what is John Dowell's motivation for blaming both Leonora Ashburnham and Florence Dowell for the downfall of the Ashburnham marriage and not Captain Edward Ashburnham?

10. Part 4, Chapter 4 seems to imply that the Ashburnhams have been lying to Nancy about her family. Is it right for the Ashburnhams to keep Nancy Rufford's family history a secret?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What message does The Good Soldier send about the institution of marriage? Does the novel present a positive, negative, or indifferent view of marriage? Does Ford aim to leave the reader believing, like John Dowell, that marriage is a rotten apple and a prison?

Essay Topic 2

Explore the role religion plays in The Good Soldier. In the essay discus the history of Catholicism and Protestantism, how the characters' religions affect their relationships, and, lastly, whether John's Protestantism causes any unfair biases in his narration. After thoroughly discussing the aforementioned topics, asses the novel's overall message about religion.

Essay Topic 3

In Part 1, Chapter 2, John tells a folktale about a wife, known as a she-wolf, who betrays her husband for a poet who pretends to be an emperor. How does this folktale relate to John's story? How does the folktale parallel John's marriage? Does Florence have any she-wolf qualities? How might Edward be like the poet in the folktale?

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