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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the character who claims to have seen Florence Dowell leaving Jimmy's room at five in the morning?

2. Which decoration does Captain Edward Ashburnham receive from the military?

3. After looking back on all the events that occurred during his marriage, how does John Dowell feel about his wife Florence?

4. In the castle, what does Florence Dowell say to Captain Edward Ashburnham as she touches him?

5. Who is the narrator of The Good Solider ?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is surprising about John Dowell's reaction to Maisie Maidan's death?

2. In Part 1, Chapter 2, John Dowell recites a folktale about a she-wolf who betrays her husband for a poet. Why is John's telling of the folktale significant?

3. After reflecting upon the events of his life, how does John Dowell feel about marriage?

4. How do the personalities of Florence Dowell and Leonora Ashburnham differ?

5. Why does John Dowell identify with Leonora Ashburnham?

6. Why does John Dowell enjoy the train ride to the castle?

7. Who is responsible for Maisie Maidan's death?

8. Describe Leonora Ashburnham's physical altercation with Maisie Maidan and its significance.

9. According to John Dowell's point of view, what qualities define English culture?

10. According to John Dowell, why does Florence never tell John the truth about her sexual history?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Is Edward Ashburnham a sympathetic character or is he entirely a villain? If Edward is indeed sympathetic, in what instances can the reader view him sympathetically?

Essay Topic 2

What message does The Good Soldier send about the institution of marriage? Does the novel present a positive, negative, or indifferent view of marriage? Does Ford aim to leave the reader believing, like John Dowell, that marriage is a rotten apple and a prison?

Essay Topic 3

Assess the marriages of the Ashburnhams and the Dowells. Who or what is to blame for the downfall of the Ashburnham marriage? Who or what is to blame for the downfall of the Dowell marriage?

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