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The Spa at Nauheim

This location is a German medical facility. Several of the novel's characters meet there because they are seeking treatment for heart trouble.

The Branshaw Manor House

This location is the Ashburnham English country estate. The estate is rented out when Edward and Leonora Ashburnham live in India. After Edward's death and Leonora's remarriage, John Dowell purchases the estate and lives there with the catatonic Nancy.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Edward Ashburnham accrues tens of thousands of pounds of gambling debts in this location. He also meets La Dolciquita there, and spends more money to purchase her sexual favors.

The Castle of St. Elizabeth of Hungary

This location is in the unnamed town of M----. It is where Florence Dowell enrages Leonora Ashburnham by touching Edward Ashburnham's wrist.


Edward Ashburnham is serving in this location when he has his affair with Mrs. Basil.

Chitral, India

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