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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the significance of John Dowell's unreliability as a narrator. To what extent can the reader accept John's vision of the world as the truth? Is John's unreliability as a narrator a tantalizing source of conflict within the novel or merely an aesthetic fumble on the part of the author? How would the reader's experience change if the novel were told from a third person, omniscient point of view? Does the use of an unreliable narrator at all relate to the novel's themes?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast The Good Soldier's two male main characters, Edward Ashburnham and John Dowell. Are either of these characters more of a "man" than the other? Of these two characters, who does Ford seem to sympathize with the most? What qualities make either of these characters more sympathetic than the other? If Ford does indeed elevate John over Edward, or...

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