The Good Soldier Character Descriptions

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John Dowell

This character is the narrator of The Good Soldier as well as the story's main character.

Florence Dowell

This character is small with copper-colored hair, has a heart condition, and commits suicide at the age of thirty-nine.

Captain Edward Ashburnham

This blond, blue-eyed character claims to have a heart condition but is really faking the illness.

Leonora Ashburnham

As a Catholic, this character believes it is a moral obligation to reform one's spouse.

Nancy Rufford

This character is a ward whose mother is a drunk and whose father is abusive.

Maisie Maidan

This character is a twenty-three-year-old newlywed who suffers from a fatal heart defect and goes to a German medical facility for treatment.

La Dolciquita

In the story, this character receives a gift worth twenty thousand pounds.

Mrs. Basil

This character has an affair with a soldier, which ends when the soldier is transferred to...

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