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Part 1, Chapter 1

• John Dowell, the narrator of The Good Soldier, introduces his wife, Florence Dowell and his friends Captain Edward Ashburnham and Leonora Ashburnham.

• John reveals that, during the nine years of his friendship with the Ashburnhams, his wife Florence had been having an affair with Edward Ashburnham.

• John describes how he and Florence first met the Ashburnhams at a health spa in Nauheim. Both Florence and Edward had been seeking treatment for heart conditions.

• The affair between Florence and Edward begins at Nauheim. Edward is a repeated adulterer and Leonora is aware of every affair he's had, including his affair with Florence.

• For nine years John is unaware of Florence's affair with Edward. John, at present, wonders how Florence could have conducted an affair without his knowing.

Part 1, Chapter 2

• John and Florence Dowell spend twelve years traveling. During these twelve years John acts as Florence's nurse.

• John...

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