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Otto Bettmann
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, Education.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Bettmann in "Education," children from different villages in the same classroom invariably led to what?
(a) Difficulty getting all the children attending at the same time.
(b) Violence and fighting.
(c) Tardiness.
(d) Communication problems.

2. In the late 1800s, why was street crime so rampant in the large cities at night?
(a) The police did not patrol at night.
(b) People were not careful and were easy targets.
(c) Streets were poorly lit.
(d) The were few alternatives to keep criminals off the streets.

3. According to Bettmann in "Housing," how did apartments turn into vertical versions of tenements?
(a) Cruel landlords.
(b) Noxious air indoors.
(c) Animals indoors were commonplace.
(d) Shoddy construction practices.

4. What other problems did city schools face in the post Civil War era?
(a) Student crime.
(b) Lack of decent materials.
(c) Teacher turnover.
(d) Poor lighting and poor air quality.

5. Who were most of the shantytown residents in the late 1800s?
(a) People displaced by their landlords.
(b) African-Americans.
(c) Runaways.
(d) Newly-arrived immigrants.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the biggest problem with the police in the post Civil War era?

2. Prisons in the latter 19th century were regarded as places of:

3. How did parents in the late 1800s react to teachers using necessary classroom discipline?

4. In the late 1800s, why would a cop be encouraged to beat up a perpetrator?

5. The air quality in homes was dangerous in the late 1800s because of:

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