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Otto Bettmann
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Hunter's Point

This location was an area home to a host of industries just outside the most populated portions of New York in the 1870s. The air, noise, and smell pollution these combined, concentrated industries emitted was truly noxious and harmful to the health.

The Horse-drawn Streetcar

This primary means of transportation within a city had a host of problems. Freezing in the winter, sticky and suffocating in the winter, it was packed with as many passengers as possible, with people treated as little more than freight.

The Rural Homestead

While this type of life is idealized in stories, life here was in fact relentlessly dull and hard.

Tobacco Stripping

In the worst kind of sweatshop toil, workers worked endless hours at this task, almost certainly destroying their health in the process.

The Prison System

Rather than rehabilitation, the aim of this institution of the 19th century was...

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