The Good Old Days--they Were Terrible! Multiple Choice Test Questions

Otto Bettmann
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Introduction, and Chapter 1, Air

1. To some, the time between the end of the Civil War and the early 1900s was known as what?
(a) "The Good Old Days."
(b) "The Wild West Era."
(c) "Post War Era."
(d) "Hard luck times."

2. Author Otto Bettman wished to shatter the misconceptions of the late 19th century by:
(a) Describing the westward movement.
(b) Demonstrating what life was really like for average people.
(c) Reporting how the nineteenth century immigrants flourished in the New World.
(d) Reporting how glorious life in the late nineteenth century really was.

3. Providing the reader with a truer understanding of the late 1800s, Bettmann demonstrated:
(a) How the Civil War improved our economy.
(b) How the days from the Civil War to WWI were key to the development of our nation.
(c) Why we should long for those simpler days.
(d) The large amounts of progress our civilization has made.

4. In the time after the Civil War, air pollution was:
(a) Not a problem.
(b) Only a problem in the South.
(c) Not understood.
(d) Much less than it was before the Civil War.

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