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Charles Graeber
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Short Answer Questions

1. The policeman that called Charlie after he broke into Michelle’s house was from what police district in Part I: Chapter 10?

2. What was the name of Charlie Cullen’s first wife?

3. The author describes Somerset County, New Jersey as being how long of a drive from the house that Charles Cullen grew up in?

4. What was the name of the attorney that represented Adrianne in her divorce from Charlie Cullen?

5. Mrs. Helen Dean was about to leave the hospital after surgery for what condition in Part I: Chapter 13?

Short Essay Questions

1. What mental institution did Charles Cullen spend time at in 1993? How long was he there?

2. What was the main cause of the marital problems between Charles Cullen and his wife, according to the author in Part I: Chapter 7?

3. Why did Adrianne insist on having the divorce paperwork ready by January of 1993, according to the author in Part I: Chapter 7?

4. How does the author describe Charles Cullen’s feelings about the changes in the dynamic of male to female nurses in Part I: Chapter 19?

5. What was Nancy Doherty’s position at Somerset? Whom did Doherty speak with on the phone in Part I: Chapter 25?

6. What information about Amy Loughren’s health does the author reveal in Part I: Chapter 24?

7. When did Charles Cullen begin working at Hunterdon Hospital? How was his performance there described in Part I: Chapter 14?

8. What suspicious situation arose at Saint Barnabas in 1991? How does the author describe this incident?

9. When and where did Charles Cullen begin his nursing career? How does the author describe the unit Cullen worked in?

10. Who interviewed Charles Cullen following the murder of Helen Dean?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the investigation at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and the information gathered. How much of the evidence pointed to Charles Cullen? Why was the matter not turned over to police? What conclusions were drawn from the investigation?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Charles Cullen’s employment at Lehigh Valley Hospital and Saint Luke’s Hospital as well as the invention and abilities of Pyxis MedStations. When was the Pyxis Corporation founded? What was the purpose of the Pyxis MedStation? How widespread was their use?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Charles Cullen’s legal battles in the summer of 1993. Who represented Cullen in his divorce case? Who represented Cullen in the trial regarding his trespassing and stalking? What were the outcomes of these cases?

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