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Charles Graeber
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the New Jersey Poison Control director in 2003?
(a) Dr. Bruce Ruck.
(b) Dr. Zarar Shaleen.
(c) Dr. John Banas.
(d) Dr. Steven Marcus.

2. When does the author begin Part I: Chapter 24?
(a) October, 1996.
(b) November, 1992.
(c) June, 2001.
(d) September, 2002.

3. What was the name of Mrs. Helen Dean’s son?
(a) Jasper Dean.
(b) Peter Dean.
(c) Larry Dean.
(d) William Dean.

4. On what date did Charles Cullen fill out an application for employment at Somerset Medical Center?
(a) June 8, 2002.
(b) September 1, 1993.
(c) May 6, 1998.
(d) August 15, 2002.

5. How much hourly wage was Charlie Cullen earning at Hunterdon Hospital in April of 1994, according to the author in Part I: Chapter 14?
(a) $18/hr.
(b) $20/hr.
(c) $16/hr.
(d) $23/hr.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the ICU floor manager at Saint Luke’s that Kim Wolfe called about the med room in Part I: Chapter 21?

2. The author states in Part I: Chapter 19 that it had been how many years “since Charles Cullen had been a former Navy man in an all-girl nursing college”?

3. What did Charlie use to break into Michelle’s condo in Part I: Chapter 10?

4. Who was Saint Luke’s Hospital’s in-house counsel during the time that Charles Cullen worked there?

5. How old was Charles Cullen when he committed his “first suicide gesture,” according to the author in Part I: Chapter 8?

Short Essay Questions

1. What mental institution did Charles Cullen spend time at in 1993? How long was he there?

2. Who advised the medical facilities in and around Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, against hiring Charles Cullen in 2002?

3. What was discussed in the conference call at Somerset Medical in Part I: Chapter 26?

4. What was Nancy Doherty’s position at Somerset? Whom did Doherty speak with on the phone in Part I: Chapter 25?

5. How was Mrs. Helen Dean murdered? When and where was she murdered?

6. Why did Adrianne insist on having the divorce paperwork ready by January of 1993, according to the author in Part I: Chapter 7?

7. What contents were discovered in the sharps box in the medical storage room in Part I: Chapter 21?

8. What suspicious situation arose at Saint Barnabas in 1991? How does the author describe this incident?

9. When did Charles Cullen begin working at Somerset Medical Center? What did Charles think of Amy Loughren when they met?

10. Who made the initial discovery of the drugs in the sharps box in Part I: Chapter 21? What did this individual do?

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