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Old Armchair

This is Kate's first horse.


This is Kate's second horse, a reward for improved behavior.

Wooden Stick

This is used by Jancsi's father to track his son's sins.

Nagy Ranch

This is where the family lives, farms and raises livestock.

The Wagon

This is briefly hijacked by Kate. Once she loses control of it, the horses simply return to the stable.

The Rafters

These are used to dry sausages.

Marton's Easter Egg

This is created by Kate and reads, "I like you best of all uncle".


These are Kate's favorite food.


This is the name of one of Marton Nagy's pastures.


These are used by the shepherds to store water.


This is a raft pulled across a river via a rope-and-pulley system.

The Diamond Button

This is the prize found, lost, and eventually recovered, by the little rooster of The Little...

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