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Chapter 1: Cousin Kate from Budapest

• Jancsi is excited to go pick up his cousin Kate. She is coming from Budapest to recover from measles in the country.

• Jancsi rushes through his chores and gets in his best clothes to go pick Kate up with his father.
• At the train station, Jancsi is in awe. He has never seen a train before. He is disappointed to see that it just holds ordinary people.

• The train attendant comes out holding Kate, saying she is worse than a bag of screaming monkeys.

• Kate demands a taxi to go to her uncle's house, but this is denied and she is put on the wagon in a bad mood.
• Kate pretends to fall asleep and then pushes Jancsi off the wagon. When Marton gets down to help him, Kate steals the wagon.

• Jancsi and his father borrow horses to head home, and find...

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