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Short Answer Questions

1. What were colonists who moved from England to New England not concerned with?

2. What was the subsoil of the pond area?

3. What is a dowsing rod used to find?

4. How many years did it take before the Nearings had blueberries to sell?

5. How did the Nearings eat their bread?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the house in Maine.

2. What were the Nearings thoughts on cold-weather planting?

3. What caused the leaks in the pond?

4. Why did the Nearings build their first greenhouse?

5. How was the homestead in Maine to be different than the one in Vermont? What were the Nearings looking for when they began their search for a new home?

6. How were the Nearings gardens like Japanese gardens?

7. What kinds of visitors did the Nearings have at their farms.

8. Why did the Nearings NOT chose a location in Europe for either one of their moves?

9. What changed in the attitudes of the community in Vermont during and after WWII?

10. How did the Nearings build a greenhouse? What were the important things to consider?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How important was documentation? How did the Nearings document their farming experiment?

Essay Topic 2

What were the Nearings views about the war? How did their views affect how they got along with their neighbors?

Essay Topic 3

Why did the Nearing find the question "Who is your family doctor?" so strange? What did they think of doctors? How do the Chinese view doctors? How is this similar to the Nearing's attitudes toward health professionals?

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