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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Good Life, Chapters Seven and Eight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the Nearings get stones to build their buildings?
(a) They brought them home from their travels abroad.
(b) They collected them around their farm.
(c) They cut them from large slates of granite.
(d) They bought them from a gravel company.

2. What was the one thing missing from the experiment in Vermont that young couples would need to take into account with a growing family?
(a) The Nearings were really rich, so money was never a worry.
(b) The Nearings were famous and made much money from lectures and tours.
(c) The Nearings had a landing strip for their plane on the property.
(d) The Nearings had no children and so did not have to worry about education.

3. What kind of roofs did the Nearings put on their houses?
(a) Tar.
(b) Tile.
(c) Low-lying and metal.
(d) Shingle.

4. How did the Nearings ask workers how much they wanted for a job on the farm?
(a) "Can we give you a check?"
(b) "How much will you expect for that job?"
(c) "Will you take a credit card?"
(d) "Mastercard or Visa?"

5. How did the Nearings hold the concrete and stones in place to form the wall?
(a) With metal sheets.
(b) With styrofoam.
(c) With movable forms.
(d) With bricks.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much did the Nearings save by building with the stone system they used?

2. What color did the Nearings paint their roof?

3. What did Walter Twing do on Saturdays?

4. What political persuasion were most Vermonters?

5. How, according to the Nearings, can you build whole, living, balanced soil?

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