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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Good Life, Chapters One through Three.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the Nearings find that made a perfect base for their house in Vermont?
(a) A level meadow.
(b) A cliff overlooking the water.
(c) A 26 foot split boulder.
(d) A rock ledge over a waterfall.

2. How did the Nearings describe the stone wall when it was finished?
(a) Like the unveiling of an art work.
(b) Like the green meadow, dotted with wildflowers.
(c) Like a picture perfect post card.
(d) Like a beautiful sunset.

3. How did the Nearings hold the concrete and stones in place to form the wall?
(a) With movable forms.
(b) With metal sheets.
(c) With styrofoam.
(d) With bricks.

4. How much heat does an old-fashioned fireplace allow to go up the chimney?
(a) 3/4ths.
(b) 10 percent.
(c) 99 percent.
(d) Nine-tenths.

5. What two farms did the Nearings buy when they got to Vermont?
(a) The Madingly family place.
(b) The Sandusky farm and the Hodges place.
(c) The Ellonen place and the Hoard place.
(d) The Vermont farm.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the Nearings sell as a cash crop in Vermont?

2. How much did the Nearings save by building with the stone system they used?

3. How much did the Nearings pay for the hand concrete mixer?

4. Why did the Nearings chose Vermont and not Eastern Pennsylvania?

5. What was 7 miles from the farm in Vermont?

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