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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Good Life Continues, Chapters Five through Ten.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Upon arriving in Vermont, who sold the Nearings milk?
(a) The previous owners
(b) The Nearings had cows.
(c) The Lightfoots.
(d) The local grocery.

2. What was the Nearing's sugarhouse stack known for?
(a) You could see the flame for miles.
(b) It burned hotter than any other stack in the area.
(c) It was made out of stone.
(d) It was the first concrete stack in Vermont.

3. Who taught the Nearings to make maple syrup?
(a) Nobody. They researched it and learned from books.
(b) Zoe and Floyd Hurd.
(c) Walter Twing.
(d) Harold Field.

4. What invaded the cellar one winter and ate all the food stored there while the Nearings were away?
(a) A deer.
(b) Probably a rat or a squirrel.
(c) A litter of kittens.
(d) A stray dog.

5. How many people could the Nearing's Vermont stone home hold for a meeting?
(a) About 10.
(b) Almost 40.
(c) Over 50.
(d) Nearly 80.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the Nearings get most of the clothes they wore?

2. What direction do the rows in a garden need to be planted to assure maximum sun to the roots?

3. At the musical events on Sunday morning, what was to be avoided?

4. Within 5 weeks, how hot would the compost pile get?

5. What kind of events were held on Saturday nights in the small Vermont town?

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