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New York

The location where the Nearings lived when they decided to seek the good life in Vermont.

Winhall, Vermont

The location of the Nearings' first farm.

Jamaica, Vermont

The location near where the Nearings buy a farm.

Pike Falls, Vermont

A small town 7 miles from the Nearings' first homestead.

The Ellonen Place

This was the name of the house where the Nearings set up their farming enterprise, named for the former owner.

Forest Farm

This was the name of one of the farms bought by the Nearings.

Harborside, Maine

This was the location where the Nearings took up homesteading in 1952.


This is a purposeful piling of clippings and other organic refuse that eventually breaks down and was used by the Nearings to improve the quality of soil for growing plants.

The Good Life

This is what the Nearings refer to as a description of how they...

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