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The Greenhouse

Plant seeds in an enclosed, safe environment and see if you can get the seeds to sprout.

Chopping wood

Try to chop firewood by the specifications given by Mr. Nearing.

A community with a school

Work as a team and discuss how you could educate children from the area and make a good school system that would work with the syrup season.

Reading labels

Every student brings some food from home, canned or boxed. Read the ingredients on the food and look up words that are not understood. Share with a group and write down all the preservatives in the food.

Nearing's Homestead

You can visit the Nearings' farm in Maine. Look it up on the internet and find out how. Plan a visit with your group, how you would get there, how much money you would need to travel, what you should bring etc.

Dowsing rods

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