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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the general workday. How did the Nearings work? How many hours were devoted to work and how many to leisure? Why did they set up their farm in this way? What were the benefits? What were the drawbacks?

Essay Topic 2

What were "cash crops" and what was bread labor? Were they the same? Where they different things? At the farm in Vermont, what was the cash crop?

Essay Topic 3

Why did the Nearings decide to build stone buildings? What were the advantages to this type of building? What were the disadvantage? How did they make the building? Write a short description.

Essay Topic 4

Why did the Nearings leave New York? What was the political climate in 1932? What was happening in the nation? What did the Nearings do before they moved to Vermont?

Essay Topic 5

What was the importance of year-round farming to the Nearings, and...

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