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The Good Life, Chapters One through Three

• The Nearings point out their reasons for choosing to live the simple life.

• Several questions were posed before making the final step including whether age was a factor and if it was possible to make a living.

• They wondered if they would come to feel that the farm work was just another form of "drudgery."

• Escaping life was not the goal. Living life to the fullest was the goal.

• The goal was to be able to make a living and to have leisure time.

• The Nearings chose to live in New England because the land was pretty, and they liked the change of the seasons.
• The Nearings found a "run-down farm" in Winhall, Vermont known as the Ellonen Place.

• The Nearings continued to live in the city and work at their jobs but finally made the move to Vermont year-round.

• They...

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