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Martin Millar
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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of ghosts is Johnny Thunders able to descend heaven with?

2. What does the group of mercenaries use to travel to New York?

3. Who do the MacLeod sisters begin traveling with in Chapter 24?

4. Where is the festival that Kerry and Morag attend in Chapter 16 located?

5. What kind of fairies come to help the five fairies in Central Park in Chapter 30?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Johnny Thunders able to descend from heaven?

2. How is the MacPherson Fiddle damaged in Chapter 31?

3. How does Morag learn how to fix her broken violin in Chapter 25?

4. How does the group of mercenaries begin their walk to New York from Cornwall?

5. Why does Magenta tell Kerry she is taking the poppy in Chapter 19?

6. What does Aelric spend his time doing in Chapter 23 rather than preparing for his battle?

7. What does Aelric fail to do before his battle with King Tala that gets him stuck in a castle?

8. What do the fairies in Central Park do when they see the moonbeam first appear?

9. What plan does Morag make with Kerry to try to retrieve the MacPherson Fiddle?

10. How do the five fairies in Central Park try to get help for their battle in Chapter 30?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the portrayal of relics in the book. What symbolic meaning do the relics and artifacts used in the book mean to the book's characters, namely the MacPherson Fiddle, the Bhat Gwa mirror, and the MacLeod Banner?

Essay Topic 2

Examine the symbolism of the rare Welsh poppy in the book. What significance does this flower have considering it passed through the hands of nearly all of the book's characters?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the portrayal of the different groups of fairies in the book that include the Black Fairies, the Italian Fairies, the Chinese Fairies, and others. What reason did the author have for including such varying groups of fairies within the same species and are there any stereotypes present in the portrayal of these groups?

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