Objects & Places from The Good Fairies of New York

Martin Millar
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Welsh Poppy

Kerry finds this rare flower to use for a project that is lost many times.

Celtic Alphabet

This is an art project based on an ancient design that Kerry attempts to create with flowers.

Colostomy Bag

This is what Kerry must wear due to her illness.

Crohn's Disease

This is the ailment Kerry suffers from.

MacPherson Fiddle

This famous instrument was created by fairies for a human to play, but could magically be reduced to fairy size.

MacLeod Banner

Fairies gave this blanket to the child of a MacLeod fairy and her human spouse.

MacKintosh Sword

This third mighty weapon is believed to have special powers that make any army wielding them unstoppable.

Bhat Gwa Mirror

Kerry steals this beautiful, mirrored brooch in Chinatown.

Italian Banks

This is where Heather and Morag steal money in order to help out Dinnie and Kerry.


This is the...

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