The Good Fairies of New York Character Descriptions

Martin Millar
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Heather MacKintosh

This fairy from Scotland helps a man date the woman he loves.

Morag MacPherson

This fairy from Scotland aids an ill woman and helps cure her.

Dinnie MacKintosh

This unpleasant human happens to have the same name as a drunken fairy who accidentally collapses into his apartment.


This character is a beautiful artist and an orphan.


This character is a bag lady living on the streets of new York City.

King Tala, Tulip, and Petal

This character is the ruler of fairies in Cornwall.

Padraig and Maeve

These Irish fairies find themselves in Central Park after a drunken night with several friends.


This character, a member of the group of fairies who became drunk and were mysteriously transported to Central Park, befriends other fairies for whiskey.

Aelric and Aelis

This leader of the rebels is a good, strong leader, and spends his free...

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