The Good Fairies of New York Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Martin Millar
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Chapters 1-5

• Heather and Morag, two fairies, are thrown out of Scotland and they try to fulfill their dream of forming a punk rock band.

• Heather and Morag go out and drink with friends; they accidentally end up in a shipping container that lands them in New York.

• Heather and Morag fly into the window of a man named Dinnie after hearing his terrible violin playing and begin making fun of him.
• Meanwhile, five other fairies are stuck in Central Park trying to find their way home.

• Kerry is a beautiful artist who is trying to make a Celtic alphabet.

• Kerry is Dinnie's neighbor who he is in love with.
• A homeless woman named Magenta roams the street believing to be watching for a fictional army.

• King Tala, who is in Cornwall, orders his magicians to find his daughters Petal and Tulip.
• Morag befriends Kerry and learns that...

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