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Chapters 1-3

• The Good Earth is a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Pearl S. Buck; its narrative centers on the lives of Chinese villagers prior to World War I.

• Chapter 1 introduces Wang Lung, a poor farmer in north central China, as he prepares to marry.

• Wang Lung walks into the town; he is on his way to the House of Hwang, the wealthiest family in town, where he has been promised a slave girl as a wife.

• At the House of Hwang, Wang Lung is taken to the Old Mistress, who summons the female slave, named O-lan; the old mistress says O-lan is a virgin and a good worker, although somewhat slow and stupid.

• Wang Lung is pleased to have O-lan, and takes her to a temple where he burns incense to the gods.

• As the days go by, Wang Lung begins to enjoy married life; O-lan, although she...

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