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Damon Galgut
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprises Frank about Zanele?
(a) She does not seem to be in love with Laurence.
(b) She is unattractive.
(c) She does not speak English.
(d) She is American.

2. How does Frank feel about Laurence's idea about the village?
(a) He thinks it is crazy.
(b) He doesn't approve of the idea.
(c) He supports the idea.
(d) He doesn't understand Laurence at all.

3. How does the evening between Zanele and Frank end?
(a) They end up together in Zanele's room having sex.
(b) Zanele curses at Frank and runs off to her room.
(c) The spend the entire night talking about life and Laurence.
(d) The colonel interrupts and takes Frank away.

4. What does Zanele do in Sudan?
(a) She teaches children.
(b) She works in a clinic.
(c) She translates.
(d) She runs a library.

5. Which word best describes how Laurence treats every patient he sees?
(a) Lightly.
(b) Compassionately.
(c) Seriously.
(d) Needlessly.

6. What has Frank started doing again with his nights?
(a) Studying new medical techniques.
(b) Helping Laurence around the hospital.
(c) Drinking in town.
(d) Visiting Maria.

7. What happened to all of the contents of the Brigadier's house?
(a) It was taken away in three trucks.
(b) It has been moved to storage.
(c) It is sitting outside on the lawn.
(d) It is all crammed into one locked room.

8. Why did Laurence want to go to the village?
(a) He needed to do some physical activity.
(b) He wanted to move there.
(c) He was looking for a girl he once knew.
(d) He wanted to see the conditions they lived in.

9. What confuses Laurence about the hospital office?
(a) The lack of medical equipment.
(b) The small nature of surroundings.
(c) The choice of colors.
(d) Its unkempt office.

10. What drew Frank to stop and visit Maria the second time?
(a) Her misspelled sign.
(b) The items she had displayed outside.
(c) Her beauty.
(d) Her kind nature in helping him previously.

11. What does Dr. Ngema want from Laurence?
(a) She wants him to leave.
(b) She wants him to find patients.
(c) She wants him to replace Frank.
(d) She wants him to take her job.

12. When Frank stops at Mama's to ask about a room, what does he see there?
(a) Zanele kissing and hugging another man.
(b) Military-looking men in civilian attire.
(c) Maria talking to Mama and a strange man.
(d) Mama passing an envelope of money to a strange man.

13. Where does Frank tell Zanele Laurence would have learned more about life?
(a) At an orphanage.
(b) Working in the city hospital.
(c) In the trenches.
(d) Doing community service.

14. Why does Maria tell Frank not to come one day?
(a) Because she has to go to work.
(b) Because her husband will be there.
(c) Because she needs to go out.
(d) Because her neighbors are beginning to talk.

15. When Maria refuses to tell Frank more about her life what does Frank do?
(a) He becomes angry and leaves.
(b) He begs her to tell him the truth.
(c) He gives up and has sex with her.
(d) He calls her a liar and they fight.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Frank say created the town?

2. What question does Laurence continually avoid?

3. What question did the Commandant ask Frank about the prisoner?

4. How many patients do the doctors visit on rounds?

5. How had the hospital begun?

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