The Good Doctor Short Essay - Answer Key

Damon Galgut
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1. What confuses Laurence about the hospital?

Laurence is a confused by the unkempt hospital office with its pink walls, wilting plants and lack of patients.

2. What information does Franks share with Laurence about the town and the hospital?

Frank tells Laurence that the way that the town was created when, 'evil bureaucrats in a city far away,' arbitrarily declared this very spot as the capital of their homeland and that the hospital, was not a 'real' hospital but 'a joke.'

3. How is Frank physically and emotionally at the end of Chapter 1?

Chapter 1 ends with Frank in discomfort. Frank feels, "tense and watchful and somehow angry" with this newcomer sharing his room.

4. How did Frank's feelings about sharing his room change throughout Chapter 1?

Frank did not want to share his room with the newcomer, but he'd changed gum mind because he though it might be good to have some company to pass the time.

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