Objects & Places from The Good Doctor

Damon Galgut
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The Hospital

This place is the neglected, looted, under-supplied facility where the story takes place.

The City Hospital

The big, well-supplied, well-funded place is in the white section.

Souvenir Shack

This is Maria's place of business and residence.

Mama's Place

The village 'watering hole' is the only social gathering place in the village.

Frank's Room

Laurence shares this with another person.

Tehogo's Room

This place is full of trash, women's fashion magazines and things that were looted from the hospital.

The Brigadier's Compound

Now locked up and empty, this is a huge house way up on the hill.

Frank's Father's House

This is a house of money and cruelty.

Maria's Village

The site of Laurence's first and only clinic.

Waters' White Coat

Laurence puts this on and does not take it off because it symbolizes who he is and he cannot lay it aside.

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