The Good Doctor Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Damon Galgut
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Chapter 1

• Frank is a doctor at a rundown hospital along with Dr. Ngema. There are rarely any patients at this hospital and it is thought of as being a joke.

• Laurence arrives at the hospital looking young, lost and confused.

• Frank explains the condition of the hospital to Laurence and tells him that everyone goes to the hospital in the city rather than this hospital.
• Frank is unhappy and almost angry that he will have to share rooms with this new person.

• Frank believes Laurence won't last long at this hospital.

Chapter 2

• Before Laurence arrived, Dr. Ngema told Frank that he was getting a roommate because it would be inappropriate for the new doctor to share a room with Tehogo.

• The underlying reason being that they are of different races, but Dr. Ngema indicates that it is because one is a doctor and one is a nurse.
• Laurence...

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