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The Goldfinch Painting

Theo takes this object from the Metropolitan Museum of Art after the terrorist bombing and hides it. This object symbolizes permanence, beauty, hope and light in the world.

The Blackwell ring

This object is given to Theo by Welty as he dies following the terrorist bombing at the museum.

The drooping tulip greeting card

This item is sent to Theo by his paternal step-grandmother Dorothy after the death of Theo's mother.


This atmosphere permeates the outside world following the bombing.


Theo compares himself to these creatures, which symbolize home and determination.

The skies

These images in the novel symbolically represent freedom, peace and infinity.

Red/Orange sunset

These images in the narrative represent destruction on one hand and light and purity on the other.

The color green

This color reappears throughout the novel. It is the color of the hidden doorbell to Hobie's...

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