The Goldfinch Character Descriptions

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Theodore Decker

This is the thirteen-year-old main character and narrator of The Goldfinch, whose life and coming of age are highlighted in this novel up until he turns twenty-six.

Boris Volodymyrovych Pavlikovsky

This character is the protagonist's best friend whom he meets in Las Vegas. Originally from Poland, he has lived all over the world with his father who works digging mines.

James Hobart (Hobie)

This character is a mild-mannered, respectable antique furniture restoration artist who befriends the protagonist and takes him in after his father's death.

Samantha Barbour

This character is a wealthy philanthropist that takes in the protagonist after his mother dies.

Larry Decker

This character is the protagonist's alcoholic, gambling, manic-depressive father who dies in a drunk-driving car accident.

Audrey Decker

This character is the protagonist's mother. Her death in a terrorist attack on a New York art museum sets off the events of the narrative...

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