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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of arrangement did Setma have with Gebu?
(a) He stored the stolen goods.
(b) He melted down any gold for selling.
(c) He helped plan the robberies.
(d) He was his fence, selling stolen goods.

2. What seems to be one of Gebu's favorite activities?
(a) Dating women.
(b) Boating on the Nile.
(c) Playing dice games.
(d) Drinking.

3. What does the queen give Ranofer besides his request?
(a) Nothing.
(b) New sandals.
(c) New clothes and gifts for his friend.
(d) A position in the palace guard.

4. Where is the broken tree?
(a) At a curve in the river.
(b) By the palace.
(c) Near Gebu's house.
(d) In the Valley of the Tombs.

5. What does Gebu and Wenamon do as Ranofer is watching them?
(a) Pull items out of a bag.
(b) Drink some wine.
(c) Continue down the path.
(d) Sit and talk.

6. What does Ranofer think Gebu will do if he found out Ranofer knows about the goblet?
(a) Kill him.
(b) Throw him into the street.
(c) Cut out his tongure.
(d) Break his legs.

7. Why do Heqet and the Ancient stay by the rock Ranofer put over the opening?
(a) To knock Gebu over the head.
(b) To guard it.
(c) They are the oldest.
(d) The Ancient cannot run.

8. Why is the town empty?
(a) There is a memorial service at the tombs.
(b) They are at the Festival.
(c) The queen has called a meeting.
(d) It is evening meal time.

9. What do the three friends agree to do about the Festival?
(a) Meet on the morning of it and celebrate together.
(b) Try to capture Gebu on it.
(c) Ignore it.
(d) Nothing.

10. What does Ranofer see in the tomb?
(a) An altar with candles.
(b) Coffins.
(c) Cat statues.
(d) Some clay jars.

11. Where does Ranofer go first when he gets to town?
(a) The river.
(b) Zau's shop.
(c) Rekh's shop.
(d) The palace.

12. What does Ranofer notice about a judge's tomb?
(a) Judges do not get tombs only kings and queens.
(b) It has a strange chamber.
(c) It is too small.
(d) It is too large.

13. What does Ranofer do as he watches Gebu and Wenamon meet on the morning of the Festival?
(a) Look for the golden goblet.
(b) Eat his breakfast.
(c) Write in the sand.
(d) Stay out of sight.

14. What does Ranofer ask the Ancient about the two men hung for theft?
(a) If hanging is the only punishment for stealing from tombs.
(b) If they had any children.
(c) If he knew who they were.
(d) How they were caught.

15. Where are Wenamon and Gebu when Ranofer peeks into a room in the tomb?
(a) Behind Ranofer.
(b) In another chamber.
(c) Going back to the surface via another route.
(d) In the room in which Ranofer is looking.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ranofer say about the location of the goblet?

2. What does the Ancient warn the boys to do?

3. Where does Gebu hide the golden goblet?

4. When does Ranofer explore the tomb?

5. Why doesn't Ranofer follow Gebu the first night after he decides to do it?

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